Load your motorcycle by yourself

...using a cordless tool!

POWER TILT self loading motorcycle ramps - can also be used as telescopic tray extender. Automatic loading and off-loading of motorcycles and goods. Will fit pick-up trucks, vans, trailers, motor homes. Max load 450kg.

Extenders and adapters available to fit to your vehicle. With extenders, it will pick up bikes from 1,500mm height (5 foot). Special tray for picking up goods, choppers, custom bikes. Can be used for towing bikes for professionals.


The UN 1000 ramp can be attached sideways to an ute. You will save a lot of space and/or load more bikes.


The SUPER TILT feature will tilt the ramp and the bike to a straight level before it slides into the van.


Slide the motorcycle straight out to perform repairs and maintenance at a decent height. No more bending over.


The ramps slides straight out. Unless you lower it to the ground, you can use it to perform maintenance work on the motorcycle, to change oil, etc.

Doubled up lift system using a liquid cooled, fin cooled, sealed heavy duty worm drive. Quiet, reliable, made for daily, professional use. 3D laser cut, fully welded, powder coated. Computer designed wheel chock will immobilize your bike while you strap it down. One-,man operation. Cordless tool driven. Ramp weight 65 kg/130lbs. Accessories for loading buggies, quads, tricycles, jet skis.

Easy installation and even easier removal. Slide it in your vehicle or trailer when you need it. Bike pulls out straight so you can perform maintenance and repair work at a decent height. Ideal for oil changes, tire changes, transmission inspection, etc. Patent pending, design protection, available in US, Europe, Australia. In US and Europe sold under the trade mark PORTEOS.

One bad-ass set-up. This image courtesy of Mark Rogers, our first US client and today the official US importer.


The 2020 ramps are made using aerospace grade 6061 T6 aluminium, anodized black. The first series due to arrive to Oz in February 2020.

All steel components are zinc plated, and then powder coated.

The aluminium extrusions have ribs running throughout their whole length. These ribs can be used for accessories, or for attaching the ramp to your vehicle, at any point along the ramp.


The custom made aluminium ramps are computer designed with a safety margin of 5:1 in static load.

The rollers are polyurethane coated, and they run very smoothly inside the rails.

The 6061 T6 alloy is one of the most corrosion resistant hardened aluminium alloys, and yet it is anodized as well, which further enhances its corrosion resistance.

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Mannix Ramps

Safely load and unload motorcycles into vehicles, all by yourself. Perform maintenance on your bike at a decent height. Load pallets, cargo, buggies.

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