Dual Cab Utes

Customize your ramp to your ute

You can slide the AC 012 strap attachment and the wheel chock stoppers along the grooves provided in the alloy beams.

If you have a roll-up tonneau cover for example, you can easily set the wheel chock stoppers further back so that your bike's front wheel will not hit anything when you slide the bike in your ute.

Bikes in Dual Cab Utes

The very popular Dual Cab utes have a pretty short cargo bed, however using either the AUN 200 or the shorter AUN 100 model, you can easily load bikes into a Dual Cab ute.

Depending on the length of your bike, and the length of the cargo bed, the ramp will stick out behind the tail gate. But if it doesn't cover the number plate, it's legal in fact.

You can cut the ramp to length and customize it to your ute if you wish, or you can leave it as standard.

Easy installation

Using for example the AC 012 adapter, you can simply tie the ramp down using straps and the tie-downs provided in the cargo bed of your ute.

Simply slide the ramp in, and strap the front of it down using truckie straps.


As an example, this AUN 200 ramp has been adapted by its user to load an Indian into a dual cab Ford Ranger. As the user also has a tonneau cover, he set the wheel chock stoppers further back so that the front wheel of the bike does not touch the rolled up cover. The ramp rests on rubber pads and will not damage the plastic bed lining.

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