The RVE (RV - Exterior) range of ramps is light-weight yet sturdy. It mimics the construction of an airplane fuselage. With its curved shape and added ribs, is looks in fact like an airplane component.

It weighs 22kg yet it can load motorcycles up to 200kg using a cordless drill.

The access ramp can be removed very easily using a magnetic pin. Simply secure the motorcycle with straps to the wheel chock, and it will load your motorcycle in roughly 15 seconds using the cordless drill.


This particular ramp could load lighter bikes behind your ute. Using a hitch adapter, it will slide into a standard 2 inch receiver.

The worm drive is an oil submerged, fin cooled unit. Self-locking, unlike the hand winch.


The front wheel is already secured by the computer designed wheel chock.

It sits in there pretty tight, so all you need to do is to strap the rear of the motorcycle to the eye bolts provided in the chassis beams.

RV kit

This kit includes the chassis beams, brackets, access ramp.

The model in the picture is just zinc plated, production models are now also powder coated. The lights are not yet included in the kit but we're working on that one.

Lights can be purchased locally from a trailer shop for example.

Hitch mount

Typical hitch mount and ramp unit.

Easy loading

Using the hitch mount, one can easily attach and detach the RVE ramp to and from a wide range of vehicles.

If you plan to go in the bush however, we strongly recommend the chassis mounts however.

The hitch mount is only intended for road use.

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Mannix Ramps

Safely load and unload motorcycles into vehicles, all by yourself. Perform maintenance on your bike at a decent height. Load pallets, cargo, buggies.

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