Maintenance and repairs

Can motorcycles brake down? Do they need maintenance? Well, yes.

So you can just slide it out from the tray. It will be at the perfect work height to perform most inspection, maintenance or repair work.

You can slide it all the way or a little bit, up to you.


You will be able to load bikes that are longer than your cargo bed, using the AUN 200 ramp model.

A very useful feature for more compact vehicles and crew cab utes.

Easy Access

to worm drive

You can easily reach out to the worm drive and use your cordless tool to lift the bike (up to 550 kg). No need to draw cables, install rubber bulkheads, etc.

The ramp can be easily detached when you don't need it. You can do it by yourself if you are a strong bloke. But better ask a mate for help.

Use accessories like the AC 012 to attach the ramp to any vehicle without drilling holes in the floor.

Sideways loading

Using the AUN 100 model, you can load bikes sideways as long as they do not stick out to the sides, past the rear view mirrors.

You can use extenders that clip on to the sliding frame to reach all the way down to the ground from considerable tray heights.