AUN 100 ramp

This shorter model ramp is great for street bikes and other compact motorcycles. This one can be used to load bikes sideways on your ute, but you'll need an extender to do thatin case your loading height exceeds 70cm.

The extender clips on and off without any tools and is very easy to handle

AUN 200 ramp

This is the full-sized ramp, and will reach down 90 cm to load bikes in utes, vans, trailers, etc.

This one can also be equipped with extenders by the way, in which case it will lift up to 1,3 meters high - or even more if your extender is longer.

AC 001 extender

This extender clips on the inside ramp (the one that lowers itself to the ground).

It will boost your loading height by 40cm in its' standard form. You can use it with both ramps, the longer or the shorter one.

AC 003 extender

This extender fits on the back of the main frame. It lets your bike slide further in, so you can close the doors in case you use the ramp to carry bikes in a van.

Very useful for bikes with large overhangs, long exhaust pipes, storage boxes etc.

AC 012 bracket set

The AC 012 accessory is a set of brackets with polyurethane pads that can be bolted on to the grooves on the outside of the ramp.

It lets you attach the ramps in your ute or van without drilling holes in the floor.

Simply tie the front and the back of the ramp with straps using the tie-down points that already exist in your vehicle.