The ramp tilts OUTSIDE the vehicle, so you can slide the motorcycle in horizontally. Using this feature, one can load motorcycles into low roofed vans or into the hold of an RV.

You can also slide the motorcycle straight out without tilting the ramp. This enables you to perform service and maintenance on the bike at an ideal height.

Great for all week-end warriors out there at Eastern Creek. Slide a bucket under the ramp and do a quick oil change.

The ramp in this picture is equipped with a removable extender, to load a bike to a height of 1.5 meters (5 foot).


Doubled up lift system using an oil submerged, fin cooled, sealed, heavy duty worm drive.

Quiet, reliable, made for daily, professional use. 3D laser cut, fully welded, powder coated. Computer designed wheel chock will immobilize your bike while you strap it down.


One-,man operation. Cordless tool driven. Ramp weight 65 kg/130lbs. Accessories for loading buggies, quads, tricycles, jet skis.

Automatic loading, no need to pull, insert or remove pins.


There are a range of accessories such as the main frame extender (in yellow).

You can add different size extenders to your ramp, just in case the motorcycle has say a large overhang.

Or if you have a customized chopper, or a Goldwing, etc. Get the right main frame extender so you can slide the motorcycle further into the van so that you can close the doors.

UN 2000 ramp

This model is 2,5 meters long and is suitable for Harleys, Indians and similar larger motorcycles.

It can however be fitted with extenders, just in case your bike is a real monster.

Ramp weight: 65 kg

Max loading height : 1 meter

Max loading height with extender: 1.5 meters

Max bike weight: 450kg

3D laser cut, fully welded, Zn coated in a hot bath, then powder coated. Double straps for the lift system, automatic sequential loading using twin gas springs in combination with a self locking worm drive. Cordless tool driven.

UN 1000 ramp

This one is smaller, so it can go sideways into vehicles like RV's, semi trucks, semi trailers, or a ute.

But it has the same loading capacity and features as the full sized UN 2000.

Suitable for road bikes, like Honda CBR's, Kawaski Ninja, etc.

Can be equipped with adapters, extenders, etc just like the UN 2000. In fact, despite its small size, it will load a Honda CBR sideways on the tray of a 4wd ute no worries (using the inside frame extender).

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Mannix Ramps

Safely load and unload motorcycles into vehicles, all by yourself. Perform maintenance on your bike at a decent height. Load pallets, cargo, buggies.

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